10 things you CANNOT forget to pack!

10 things you CANNOT forget to pack!

Sometimes we get so caught up in the excitement of travelling that we have complete mind blanks – we forget everything we said we would remember. Everytime. I’ve compiled a checklist of 10 things that are always forgotten by travellers (myself included, whoops!). Use this to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything for your next holiday!


  • Passport and tickets

Two birds with one stone. I figure the best idea would be to contain them both together in one of those nifty travel wallets. Nothing worse than heading to the airport and realising you forgot your passport or your plane ticket! You won’t get very far that is for certain…


  • Chargers

The number of times I’ve forgotten my phone charger while travelling. I now have a continuously growing collection of iPhone cords, basically a non-fun souvenir from everywhere I’ve been too. This point includes all phone chargers, camera chargers, laptop or tablet charger and even potentially toothbrush chargers (yes, it has happened). If you forget your chargers, level of frustration will go to 3000.


  • Toothbrush/Toothpaste

This isn’t technically a necessity but it definitely comes in handy, especially in your carry-on bags when you might want a bit of a refresh mid-flight. These two are regularly forgotten by people, so be sure to tick this off.


  • Underwear

Okay, so maybe a bit TMI… but I always forget underwear. I plan all my outfits, but for some reason underwear just doesn’t seem to be a standout feature in my mind. Don’t be like me and pack some clean underwear for your travels.


  • Snacks

If you are allowed to bring them through customs, definitely go for bringing snacks with you. You will probably get hungry or bored-hungry and want to much on something. Bring crackers or chips or other packaged food you can easily chuck in your carry bag.


  • Backpack

I am one of those people that needs to have a backpack for travelling rather than a handbag. I use to never bring one when I travelled but it always ended with me buying a new backpack every getaway. Definitely look at opting for a backpack instead of a handbag if you want a little more security and comfort when exploring places!


  • Medication

This tends to be forgotten so often because we usually take medication daily and place it straight back to its regular spot in our homes. Definitely don’t forget to take it though, because it may be extremely difficult in getting ahold of while travelling! Don’t risk your health!


  • Accommodation addresses

Something that is a little handy tip is to write out or print off the address of your accommodation. This is especially handy to be able to show taxi drivers who don’t speak your language or work out any transport ways. A lot fewer headaches this way.


  • Headphones

Whether it is just for the transport or what, don’t forget your headphones! The amount of times I’ve been on a train for half an hour with no headphones… I can only imagine how painful a long-haul plane trip would be with no headphones! Make sure they are ready-to-go in your carry-on bag so you never miss a beat (did you catch that?!)


  • Enthusiasm

Try and get a good night’s sleep the day or week before you go travelling to ensure when the day comes you are raring to go! Bring your A game for your holiday to make sure you get the best experiences possible!


Don’t be like me and forget any of these 10 things! Make your travelling experiences the least stressful for yourself and tick these items off as you pack!



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