5 Things to do in Tasmania

5 Things to do in Tasmania

Tasmania tends to be overlooked when people consider travelling to Australia, but it is one of my favourite places in the world and I’ve been to over 20 countries! The atmosphere is so relaxed and calm, the temperature is always lovely and fresh and I always enjoy every moment when I’m there. Here are my top 5  things to do in Tasmania next time you head south to explore in Australia. 

  • Newdegate Cave, at Hastings Cave Reserve
    Head 40m underground into the 9-celsius degree cave on the South East side of the island. This is the largest dolomite cave open to tourists in Australia and it is breathtaking with stalactites and columns that started to form 40 million years ago, that now line the pathway inside. It is an amazing natural occurrence and a beauty to physically see and experience.  
  • Thalia Haven
    Do you want to log out of the hassles of life? You easily can at Thalia Haven. This place is what dreams are made of! No Wi-Fi, no TV, just relaxation and the world’s most scenic bathtub. Yes, scenic bathtub! A beautiful bathtub awaits you on your back deck, fully exposed and open looking over the rocks and into the ocean. If you want a memorable experience, Thalia Haven is calling your name.
  • Mt. Wellington
    This is a tourist favourite and it is easy to see why. Standing at 1270m high, Mt Wellington gives you the best view of Hobart and its surrounding towns. You can reach The Pinnacle, which has various viewing platforms by vehicle or you can do alternative routes around the mountain by bicycle or walking track. Just be warned… that cold wind chill will leave your knees shaking so be sure to bring a warm jacket. Oh, and maybe if you are incredibly lucky… you might catch a glimpse of the remarkable Southern Lights.
  • MONA
    The sometimes-controversial-but-always-interesting Museum of Old and New Art is a must-see in Tasmania. Catch a beautiful ferry ride down the river sitting on sheep (literally… sitting on sheep) to accompany your experience. The museum architecture itself is breathtaking – walking in you follow a spiral staircase down into the sides of the cliffs. Then of course, you have the puzzling and fascinating art pieces and collections that will make you question life.
  • Port Arthur
    One of the most historic places in Australia, the Port Arthur prison grounds and their history are widely known as having had some of the most terrible conditions and situations for convicts during settlement time. Going to the site, you can have two completely opposite experiences – the daytime is a fun, fresh exploration time and the night… well, that is when the spirits come out during the ghost tours. I strongly recommend experiencing one of the ghost tours yourself (I’ve been twice and loved every second of them!).

So, those are my top 5 things to do in Tasmania, but honestly, I could have kept writing! Have you been to Tasmania before? What are your favourite things to do and places to see there?

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