A Quick Guide to Brighton // UK

A Quick Guide to Brighton // UK

In my short time in the UK I’ve had a few quick trips to Brighton. Perhaps not enough time to fairly write a guide to Brighton but I’ll give it my best shot. My first feeling about Brighton was true love. It reminds me of a mix between Melbourne’s lane-ways and The Rocks in Sydney – but a little less…. er, kept? It’s grubbier but still full of colour, art and as many hipsters as the eyes and heart can handle.

It IS possible just to have a couple of days in Brighton and see most of the important sites in MY humble opinion. I’m not a huge fan of touristy places though. I like a good mix with a lot of coffee, cake and beer thrown in so this is my brief overview of what to do in Brighton when you’re a little time poor!horsies

brighton pierMUST see: Obviously the Brighton Pier is an absolute must-see if you’re in the area. Some say it’s tacky, and they would be correct. But it’s a mesmerising tacky that you can’t NOT see.

The first day we went to Brighton in late-March it was FREAKISHLY windy. Well, to me it was freakish. As we walked south towards the pier from the train station I was literally being blown back by the wind. This photo of Scott might give you a small idea of what I’m talking about. My jaw and face ached from the cold wind but I was utterly determined to see that damn pier. And so should you be.

scott blown awaybricks of brightonShop & See: The Lanes are perhaps what most reminded me of Melbourne meets The Rocks. Give yourself a good few hours for these winding lanes in the township of Brighton. You want to be able to stop and have some cake and do some window shopping at your leisure.  The first visit I made I only had two hours for the city part of Brighton and I was really disappointed that I didn’t get time to walk up and down every street and lane. 

It seems like a weird thing to want to see and I didn’t think I’d bother but while in Brighton you pretty much inevitably pass by this gaudy gaudy castle. It’s kind of cool to have a wander around. I wouldn’t pay to go inside but each to their own. It’s surrounded by a few galleries as well which are worth a gander so keep an eye out.  gaudy castle hope and ruinEat: Well this one is hard. There are heaps of options in Brighton AND Kemptown AND Hove which are both of Brighton’s immediate neighbours. Some that I found are as follows:

cafes in brightonCoffee and cake // Grocer and Grain is flipping delicious. It’s a small cafe attached to a health store / supermarket. You can get gluten free, healthy and delicious treats and the coffee is one of the better ones I’ve had since Australia too! Not to mention fantastic service. I may have gone here more than a couple of times to try different cakes. No judging please.

MORE coffee and cake & breakky // Cafe Marmalade in Kemptown is kind of on a quiet corner with not much immediately beside it but it’s worth the wander down from the main street of Kemptown. It is a little on the pricey side by Brighton’s standards but worth while with friendly staff and delicious scones and other treats. Again, a decent cup of cawfee helped on a chilly day.

Lunch & breakky// This one is easy. Enter, Neighbourhood. Amazing. You may have seen my instagram picture when I stopped in here.  Total moreish, comfort food which is delicious but this isn’t what sold me. The decor, the fit-out, the service and the vibe is what makes it. We sat out the back outside in a warm sunny spot surrounded in bright green cushions soaking up some fresh air. There is even a bed for your carb coma post-lunch eats.

Dinner time // On a cold night… actually on any night, even January in Brisbane I like me a hot noodle soup with extra chilli packed full of flavour, fresh herbs and preferably on that tastes like goodness. I got that and more at Noodles Soup. I had Korean noodle soup and it was by far the best asian soup I’ve ever had. I didn’t even NEED to add more chilli because the taste was just that good. It was about £6-8 for a HUGE bowl that you probably won’t finish, even though you’ll try your very darndest.

Dinner time // The Forager’s Pub is not one to miss. It’s in Hove so a little out of the way if you’re staying in Brighton but well worth the trip. Foragers is all about sustainable eating. The meat is organic and free-range and much of the produce is literally FORAGED for. WHAT? I know. Cool hey? Could you think of something more hipster? Grab yourself a beer while you’re there.

Beer and Drinks // My beer-loving husband has had a hard time with beer since we arrived in the UK. He keeps choosing doozies that taste somewhat like half beer, half water with a little bit-a tears mixed in. It’s a little harder to make a bad beer call in Brighton’s wealth of craft beer pubs / bars. My tips are North Laine Bar and Brewery, The Hop and Vine, and The Evening Star at 55/56 Surrey Street. 

brighton town centreThat’s it for my quick trip to Brighton. I definitely recommend the stop by but make sure you have a couple of days so you can take your time. Enjoy!

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