_MG_8966_3741Travelling Threads is made up of three travel-loving gals, Teagan, Danielle and Alice. After some time together writing at Brisbane Threads, Danielle and Alice have relocated to other parts of our incredible globe, and thus – Travelling Threads was born.

Teagan: Teagan is a journo by night and content marketer by day. She follows the scent of hot chocolate and delicious food wherever it takes her. Teagan is always planning her next weekend adventure and is Travelling Thread’s main Australian-based contributor. You can follow Teagan on Instagram and Twitter or on her personal blog.

Danielle: Danielle is the founder of Brisbane Threads and Danielle is primarily based between New York, USA and Brisbane, Australia. She has a background in fashion and tech and a true entrepreneurial spirit. Follow Danielle’s adventures on Instagram, Twitter or over on her personal website.

Alice: Alice has recently made a move to the United Kingdom from Brisbane, Australia. Alice’s background is content marketing and social media and loves all things fashion and food (with a side of four coffees, and a few champagnes¬†in between). You can follow Alice’s journey on Instagram, Twitter and her personal website.

We’re so excited to have you along for our journey discovering what’s happening in fashion, food and culture globally. Do you want us to check out what you have to offer in your part of the world? Get in contact – we’d love to hear from you!

Teagan, Danielle and Al xo


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