Dance Music Festivals to Attend Around the Globe

Dance Music Festivals to Attend Around the Globe

The popularity of dance music festivals in particular Electronic Dance have attracted audiences from around the world. Welcoming all ages and nationalities, these festivals create unbelievable and euphoric experiences you will have to encounter yourself to believe. Not only do we live “Down Under” but the festival game in Australia is declining also. Unfortunately for us living in isolation and on the opposite side of the world, these renowned festivals that have gone global occur overseas in Europe and America. With festival season slowly approaching here’s a list of the top 6 world’s most foremost dance festivals that are an absolute must to attend!



Mystery land opened in 1993 and is one of the oldest and longest running EDM festival in the world (basically the godfather of EDM festivals!). Originating in the Netherlands and relocating around the planet, its evolved electronic music into a mainstream platform and became a catalyst for the genre since the 1990’s. ID&T is an electronic music company and the creator of the historical festival Mystery Land, Sensation and the world success Tomorrowland. ID&T focus is to ‘Celebrate Life – together and as individuals’. Mystery Land is a dance event that thrills the senses combining music with theatre, movies, interactive installation, decorated stages, allows people to let go and experience the euphoric feeling through the music and surroundings.



Tomorrowland is the most looked forward event of the year! This festival’s acknowledgeable reputation makes buying tickets difficult as tickets sell out within minutes after they’ve been released. If you miss out on the tickets you won’t have to cry yourself to sleep because all three days are streamed live on YouTube! Tomorrow land arose from the main attributes and values of Mystery Land. It’s a three-day festival and has multiple stages that is bound to suit your needs and dance the night away with the most wanted EDM Dj’s. The tagline “Yesterday is history. Today is a gift. Tomorrow is a mystery” leaves a sense of mystery, the urge and desire to experience one of the most celebrated festival. With one of the world’s most awe-inspiring acts performing and beyond belief arrangement and design of the festival, it truly takes you into another world…one you’d never want to leave.



Ultra Music Festivals growing popularity has enabled cities including Ibiza, Miami, Sao Paulo, Split, Johannesburg and Buenos Aires to host and experience this popular genre. As well as Tomorrowland, the tickets for Ultra sell out in seconds! Dance your little heart and soul out to musicians including Above and Beyond, Steve Aoki, Tiësto and Deadmau5 (no wonder it’s a hit!) Ultra is one of the biggest festivals in the US and streams live coverage for us ravers here down under who miss out. #breakingtheinternet



Sensation began 15 years ago in Amsterdam and now occurs in multiple cities including Istanbul, Tokyo, Budapest and Moscow (just to name a few!) The line “Be part of the night, unite in white” is a tribute to one of the Sensation’s founders who passed away. The colour white was asked to be worn by the attendees to pay respects which created an overwhelming image and has stayed the dress code ever since. Not only does it bring great 8 hour music sets from world-renowned DJ’s, its spectacular stage shows, acrobats, light shows, lasers, fireworks and flames shoots from the stage electrifies the crowd. With everyone dressed in white and remarkable visuals, a unique atmosphere and a sense of unity is created leaving an experience you’ll never forget.



Since 1997 Electric Daisy has been referred as the “American Ibiza” due to being one of the craziest and popular festivals outside Europe. The overall experience is what leaves you wanting more. EDC brings a full entertainment experience with carnival themed features, carnival rides, art installations and performers. This is a festival you don’t want to miss as their incomparable production and sound design will captivate your senses and have you raving from dusk to dawn.



A State Of Trance is a musical journey. Armin van Bureen’s radio show ‘A State of Trance’ has been a success since 2001. ASOT is broadcasted over 74 countries, 100 F.M radio stations and is considered one of the most popular radio shows around the globe. Armin’s phenomenal event ‘A State of Trance Festival’ has constantly obtained a strong presence within the Trance community. The ASOT Festival started off in Utrecht and has visited multiple countries delivering the exclusive vibe and electronic atmosphere of trance music. If you’re one of the 20million listeners that tune into his broadcast you can’t miss out on this number one trance event!

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